Hello 2018

Hi! 2018 is coming. And I’m late to be here. I’m sorry. But I’m not going to run away again. 😂

So, for the first post in this year.. I declare it to saying..

🎂💐 💕 Happy Birthday to my Mom 💕 💐🎂

She was born in the same time of new year (Masehi), 1 January. So that’s make it more special for me. Not because the new year. Lol 😂


Still, I would to say..

🎊🎉 Happy New Year for all 😘 🎉🎊

How was the 2017?

Is that fun enough for you? And what’s you gonna do as a resolution in this year? 🙄

Don’t ask me.. I don’t know it. Just be a better person and find some work to earn some money — I have too!! 😰

Hahaha 😅

 BTW, I just download some app in my mobile. WordPress for Android.

Do you use it too?

It’s look simple but Im not used to it coz I can’t control how long this post will appear in my other app. Kind of the functional button so less in mobile WordPress — or maybe just my mobile(?) 😓

Look like a nerd 🤓

Well.. Next time maybe I will do some review of dating apps — request by some friend 🌷

 So.. Once again belated Happy Birthday & New Year 💕

It just a greeting post to begin the new year!! 😘



Tampilan WP berubah euy.. pusing sendiri makenya sekarang wkwkwkw.

Daripada soal itu.. Continue reading


Innalillahi wa Innailaihi roji’un..

Cuma itu yang bisa saya ucapkan. Untuk nenek terakhir dari bapak saya. Saya cuma bisa berdoa dari sini. Bukan karena tidak ingin pulang untuk sekedar mengucapkan selamat perpisahan untuk yang terakhir kali kepada beliau. Continue reading