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HIM 0815 #2

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Good evening.. or night~Β πŸŒ™

You have been waiting for the next chapter about Him? Oh, maybe not. It’s just few day after i wrote the part 1. So, tonight i will continue about the story of our conversation today.

Here we go… 🎢


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Male teacher in China cosplays as female characters, gets discovered by his own student

This is AWESOME !!

you’ve been caught when you still crossdress?
but, it’s not fairrrrrr!!!
You are more more moreeeee cute than meeeeee o(TT^TT)o — never mind
wanna chuuu~ πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹ — when you still in boy look

She is the male teacher !!!!!


topHow would you react if you found out not only that your teacher cosplays female characters, but that he’s kind of a cutie too?

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