Jejak Lama 👣💕

Gambar terkait

sekian lama tak bertegur sapa..
bukan karena ku tak mau.
tapi karena aku menghormatimu ~


Aku Tentangmu

Kutemukan sejarahmu
Kutemukan jejakmu
Saat semua sudah berlalu
Yang hanya meninggalkan sisa
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HIM 0815 #2

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Good evening.. or night~ 🌙

You have been waiting for the next chapter about Him? Oh, maybe not. It’s just few day after i wrote the part 1. So, tonight i will continue about the story of our conversation today.

Here we go… 🎶


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When someone asking your type


Yeah.. it’s usual thing right now, right? But, when you are just with your friends right now, can you please just let everything about your bf/gf left behind? I know. it’s hard thought but I just feel like — Hey, what’s your problem? — Lol.
Doesn’t mean to not let you share your happiness with your couple, but just… It’s friends time, you know it. OR you just can bully a friend who do that to you all. TROL — dont mind it. Continue reading