My Sweet Things

You may have so many things in your life. It can be everything you like. I like something sweet — cute!. and it can make me happy. spending my time to searching a new cute stuff is my favorite — when i had extra money. But I dont need to buy anything cute everytime, just looking at them it’s enough for me. Kind of, searching a cute and sweet stuff in web.

Cute and sweet can be everything you like. like this pict:

HJ Story

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I think it’s really cute and sweet. When the first time i found one of his cute pict, i shared it to my special one. He look really like it. He also said “it’s cute and is that us?” hahaha. It help you to describe your feeling without tell it. Thank you for HJ Story.  You can also like his page in …

website :
HJ-Story Instagram: hjstory.offical

so much link you can find in his page. He shared his work on his page. I think It’s really romantic. He actually made it for his gf that time name’s Kate. He had a problem to telling his feeling and also have a different language with his gf. He’s chinese and his gf is korean. I know how it feel — dont mind. Then he made those cute picts and send it to his gf. So many pict you can find it now. And my favorite one is.. to know both of them get married :3 . yeah.. !! so so so romantic :3 omg, I love his work. I hope his book is able in my country so i can buy it.

You can also buy his book for a present


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I love cat so so so much. I dont know why.. but actually i had a bad memory about cat when i was child. I thought that’s the reason i love it so much now. I had a scratch in my finger and you can see it until now. I was 3 or 4 years that time. I met black cat in my relatives garden. I tried to close with the cat and raised with my hand and then… the cat scratch me with cat paw stuck in my finger skin. So much bleeds and i cried. But, in other day i just forget about it and played with another cat. Hahaha.. I can’t hate a cat.I think cat is really cute even it hurt me that time. My big family love cat so much. Not only my family, my aunty, my sis and bro, my uncle, but also my grand parents. I remember when my mom told me.. my grandpa cried when he know his cat lost. It’s so touching me.. well, cat in muslim is best friend of our Prophet Muhammad SAW. I love about Prophet Muhammad and his cat story. I think, cat is my never endless love. LOL XD

to be continue…