HIM 0815 #2

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Good evening.. or night~Β πŸŒ™

You have been waiting for the next chapter about Him? Oh, maybe not. It’s just few day after i wrote the part 1. So, tonight i will continue about the story of our conversation today.

Here we go… 🎢


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“R” #01

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jeng jeng jeng…

Mungkin beberapa orang akan salah paham dengan “R” yang saya maksud. Jika kalian teman kuliah saya atau teman dalam suatu room chat, saya tegaskan..*Β ini bukan tentang kalian. Ya.. takut saja nanti kalian pada baper atau gimana gitu.. hahaha — becanda kok. Tapi tanda bintang (*) itu serius. Continue reading