When someone asking your type


Yeah.. it’s usual thing right now, right? But, when you are just with your friends right now, can you please just let everything about your bf/gf left behind? I know. it’s hard thought but I just feel like — Hey, what’s your problem? — Lol.
Doesn’t mean to not let you share your happiness with your couple, but just… It’s friends time, you know it. OR you just can bully a friend who do that to you all. TROL — dont mind it.

In Indonesia, showing up their couple is like something “important” for most people. But, I would laugh at last when I see them separate or break up and crying all the time after they showing to us and telling how “precious” their couple is, but they just got dumped at last. LOL — sorry, my bad

Well, most people just getting in relationship because they need a status or jealous with everyone who look really happy with their own couple. — YES! If you got the right one.
Just don’t too rush about it. Think again. Keeping all your own life and you have to share it with someone else one day.. it’s so.. — I’m lazy to showing my world — Difficult.

But i just wish the best for you. I hope you invite me when you get marry with your couple now. — Who am I? lol.

What’s your goal for making a relationship? Get marry? right? or… — I know something else, just keep it in your mind —

Love is not that simple. Woman and Man are really different. In this Era, so much issue about LGBT. Well, it’s not an Issue anymore. It’s really exist. There’s someone ask me about what kind of guy i liked. And that person start guessing..

635835915232842653-1994542690_college love.jpg

” Love, right? for a girl it’s important.. ”

Woooaaaa!! That’s wrong dude! — i replied.

“so.. it must be a cover, just like handsome guy, rich man? a model like me? ” — yes,  the one who ask me, he’s a model and he look so enthusiastic about this topic.

And.. I still said “NO” — and I continue — Well, love is important, but the most important for me is gender. I said it

I love a man, dude. I do care about gender. And not a part of LGBT. but ” The real man “. I am a muslim, and I respect my religion. I am normal and life is not only about love. There’s so many people do s*x for have fun. and people said is “to showing love”. But this is me. I will never do that until i get marry.

He keep asking me so many question. He’s younger than me. He said, he’s model in there and so many girls like him. He told me about his ex and now.. trying to get a new one. LoL — he’s Kiddy. I laughed in here when he told me that. I don’t have any business about his life. Really really really childish. XD

Well, when you have so many problem in your life, just tell what you need to someone who already close with you, kind of your family or your best friends, or maybe God. That’s the better way. It’s just become a funny story between you and a stranger. Just like me LOL.

Shut your mouth and listen much! Talk when only need it. hahaha…



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